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Josue Veliz is a second-degree black belt at Frohm’s Martial Arts, where he teaches and creates a fun environment for the kids. He best communicates the way of life by teaching his students what he has learned from his experiences as a black belt and as a student. He is best known for his empathy and caring nature. 

Josue Veliz is the first in the history of Frohm’s Martial Arts’ history to test by himself for his black belt. He has proven to be a great teacher by starting to teach at another Martial Arts dojo with a completely different curriculum. Josue Veliz does his best to help the community of Frohm’s Martial Arts by keeping a pleasant and understanding aura around him and setting sights on the belief that as a school we at Frohm’s Martial arts will make a difference in our community and build those around us upward.

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