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Frohm's Martial Arts Foundation is a non-profit arm which exists to create more opportunities for our community that is in extensive need for mentorship, discipline, and family. We serve those who are abused, homeless, broken, searching, disabled, and so much more. The role we play as instructors are often that of a psychologist, father, best-friend, advisor, mentor, counselor, coach, and plenty more. We have a knack for building self-image by identifying self-inflicting detrimental thought processes and providing paths towards a better tomorrow.


We serve willingly but our resources to do so much more are stifled by the looming possibility that we can be displaced once again since we don't own our building. As the rise in need continues, so does the rent and overall cost of living. How do we keep our wonderful staff if they can't afford to even live in or near the community that they desire to serve?


We need your help to expand out vision. We are a powerful tool to those who want to see East Oakland rise to glory. We may not wear capes and tight underwear over our pants but we serve with the heart of Superheroes! Our burning passion can only be extinguished by a loss of resources so help us continue to change lives by donating to our organization today!

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