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Our Vision

Frohm's Martial Arts is one of those things that you have to experience to truly grasp how special it is. The family atmosphere and highly accomplished role-models are what has kept people loyal and dedicated for many years. There is a spirit about the teachers here that is not experienced anywhere else. The staff and instructors have truly found their calling and are genuinely enthused about the youth and community of East Oakland!

FMA is a diamond, a progressive school that is committed to creating and empowering leaders in and for our community through the ways of American Karate. While the vision began with Master Frohm, his descendent blackbelts have graciously carried the torch right along with him and are instrumental instructors all over the Bay Area!  Together the Active Blackbelts at FMA boost an unprecedented combined experience of over 100 years!


Master Frohm is well known for his tenacious personality. He is a visionary and his legacy as a competitor, coach, and mentor is second to none. For nearly 2 decades, Master Frohm and his Blackbelts have continued to duplicate resilient leaders which has solidified his dojo as a power grid for teaching self-empowerment, respect, and discipline to all.


Our Creed

I am Humble

I am Steady 


I am Learned

My Martial Arts is My Discipline

A Way of Life

I Have Earned


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