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Upcoming Events

  • FMA Holiday Party 2020
    Wed, Dec 16
    Zoom Party
    An unforgettable display of true FMA spirit through Appreciations and Talent!
  • Unity Championships 2020
    Sat, May 02
    Martial Arts Tournament Hosted by our Sister Dojo! Come support FMA as we battle it out against the Bay Area's Best of the Best!
  • Tiger Rock Open Mat
    Sat, Mar 14
    Tiger Rock Dojo
    Come join us at Open Sparring this Saturday!!!!
  • February's Open Sparring 2020
    Sat, Feb 08
    Kokua Martial Arts Fitness Academy
    Open Sparring is an event for those who have obtained their Yellow Belt and/or are able to spar. These events take advantage of FMA's vast community of family dojos. Students of all different skill levels and ages battle it out in a controlled, fun, and learning environment. Oh yeah it's Free!
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