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Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit...This is the way of life at Frohm's Martial Arts. 

I never would have thought I could start Karate 2 months pregnant, at the age of 23 and BLACK! lol...when you think of traditional karate schools, your mind immediately flashes to young children of Asian descent dressed in perfectly matched outfits with a serious face as they uniformally flow to the same silent music. Frohm's Martial Arts is indeed a tranditional karate school, but with a modern day twist. Head Teacher, Ernest Leon Frohm III, is a dynamic instructor born and raised in the Oakland community and very much aware of the obstacles faced by people of color in the Bay area. Through karate, he teaches more than just forms, proper technique, and self defense. He teaches DISCIPLINE, training of the mind and character. He teaches you to dig deep within yourself to grow who you are as a person and martial artist. He speaks truth into your spirit and supports you through the various walks of life that you may encounter. He's a teacher in every definition of the word. The other black belt instructors that facilitate the classes are no different. There isn't a single instructor who doesn't push you, support you along your karate journey, check in on you when you've missed a few classes, and encourage you when you are stuggling to maintain a stance during a test. 

Frohm's Martial Arts is more than a is a family, regardless of your age, race or gender. So come check us out! Hope to see you there!


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