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Master Ernest L. Frohm, III is the Founder of Frohm’s Martial Arts (FMA) and Frohm’s Martial Arts Foundation, a progressive non-profit school that is committed to creating and empowering leaders in and for our community through the ways of American Karate.

     His mother instilled in him at a young age that ‘you are not too ever quit’. It is Master Frohm’s belief that it is the responsibility of parents, mentors and the community to build-up our children and young black men and boys with a mindset that they are greater than their obstacles. 

    He has studied Martial Arts for 41 years. By the age of 15 he received his Black Belt and has been teaching the principles of Integrity in the East Oakland community for the past 35 years.

      A tenacious entrepreneur and visionary, FMA is honored to be one of the schools that holds the most World Titles for the National Black Belt League. Exposing students to unforeseen opportunities, Team FMA has been featured and sponsored in competitions beyond the U.S. in countries such as: Ireland, Trinidad, Tobago, Guatemala, Mexico and Punjab, India.

    Master Frohm, continues to duplicate resilient leaders and allow his dojo to be a power grid for teaching, self-discovery, perseverance, discipline and Self-worth.

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