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Words cannot do justice to how amazing this gem of a school in East Oakland is.  Master Frohm and Chief Instructors May and Jefferson have cultivated a community that is caring, supportive and motivating.  Expectations of the kids and older students are very high, and comes from a place of love and integrity.  And while the physical expectations of training are there, the expectations don't end at the walls of the school.  The instructors regularly talk with the kids about balance in their lives - encouraging them in school, supporting family, and pushing students to critically evaluate their relationship with devices and social media.  It never comes off as preachy, because the instructors have earned the respect of their students.

You will have fun, you will find a family, at times you will be sore and frustrated...but you will feel like you are doing something great for your mind and body.  

Students range from age three to fifty.  Whoever you are (and whatever shape you are in) you will be accepted here and encouraged to be your best.  But you have to experience it to truly understand.

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