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Noelia Veliz is a first-degree black belt at Frohm’s Martial Arts. She is the only active female instructor and currently the youngest. Her teaching style is relatable because of her age but she is no pushover! Her ability tells it all when she performs and commands the floor. Her superpower is recognizing when students are frustrated and knowing how to handle them appropriately.

Teacher Noelia, like her brother Josue, was one of the only students in the history of Frohm’s Martial Arts’ to test by themselves for their black belt. She demonstrated another level of physical and mental fortitude that day and set the bar very high for all other female students to come! Her goal is to prove to everyone that just because you are a girl, or are small, doesn't mean that you are weak or that you cannot be the best at what you do. She is a living example of this every day.

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