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Michael Jefferson was born and raised in Oakland, California. In 2001 he began classes at Frohm's Martial Arts because his mother became alarmed by the frequent bullying, violence, and gang activity. After passing by the school and meeting with Mr. Frohm herself, she was immediately sold! From his mannerisms she knew that her son would be taught by a positive Black male role-model who was sure to help her son establish proper social etiquette, respect, discipline, and self defense.


Almost 2 decades later, Michael holds the position of Chief Instructor as a 4th degree blackbelt. Master Frohm has produced a legacy of talented world champion fighters and is recognized by many others as a World Champion class coach and mentor. Michael’s commitment to the vision of Frohm’s Martial Arts is unparallelled. He believes that FMA is a safe haven for East Oakland youth. In a huge way, being involved with Martial Arts changed his life for the better. Those who watch Michael teach say that he is patient and able to pinpoint mental and physical disadvantages within his students while promptly determining the next course of action. He is willing to go above and beyond for any and all students and makes it a point to invest in each individually. 


Michaels helpfulness has also been seen beyond the dojo. He left Oakland for 4 years to travel to New York where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Upon returning to East Oakland he became a School Teacher while simultaneously re-establishing his teaching of Martial Arts. Also upon returning he shared the stage with the likes of Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf as well as Governor Gavin Newsom in attempts to bring prosperity and opportunity to the youth of his city. He has been honored as being one of the pioneers of the “Oakland Promise” initiative which seeks to ensure that every child in Oakland graduates high school with the expectations, resources, and skills required to be successful in the career path of their choice. 


Along his Martial Arts journey Michael has been blessed to receive a tremendous amount of support from various sponsors, family, and friends. It took their combined help to create his world class resume that includes many local Bay Area Championships, National Championships, and International Championships. He also holds 3 Heavyweight World Championship Titles as well. 


Fun Fact About Chief Instructor Michael Jefferson:

Although the subject is a place of vulnerability, Michael is okay with people knowing that he suffers from Narcolepsy which is a neurological disease causing him to experience extreme daytime sleepiness. For all those suffering from any disease or disorders, Michael encourages you to “Develop the fighter within you and find “YOUR’ way but dont forget about cultivating a support system of people who love you.”

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